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The Ideenschmiede

The "Ideenschmiede" is a student platform, which promotes the exchange between interested parties in the field of innovation & entrepreneurship.

Über uns

The Ideenschmiede offers opportunities to network outside of the curriculum and learn from the experiences of others in the field of innovation & entrepreneurship. In this way, we deal with important questions regarding personal development and later career choices. We learn to solve real problems with practical methods. We think entrepreneurially and thus consider our own ideas in the light of a potential business start-up.

The emergence

We got the idea from the UIF program of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( at Stanford University. The UIF (University Innovation Fellows) program enables students to creatively solve problems and thus improve their studies at the university.


During the training, we realized that...

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Our goals

We want to network students so they can connect with people with the same interests and support each other through their experiences.


We want to create access to innovation and entrepreneurship and thus provide the knowledge and tools to creatively solve challenges and generate ideas.


We want to inspire to think outside the box and realize one's own ideas.


Our piers

A network of proactives, creatives and people with an affinity for start-ups, which also includes a student working group that covers all areas of the Ideenschmiede.


Educational content, workshops, talks and events on the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship at Hamburg University of Technology.


A (still virtual) co-working space, where solutions are creatively worked on based on Design Thinking and Lean Startup methods and new acquaintances are made.



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